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Our Studios are equipped with industry leading technology that allows us to produce a wide variety of contents: from webcasts and talk-shows, to high-end film and TV productions.
We provide a state-of-the art service for any kind of professional production and thanks to our spacious multifaceted recording stage (ideal for bands, narrative productions, tv shows and sport shows) together with our Television Studio we can offer a 360° video service.
Marble Surface

Our cameras includes traditional Sony NX, Panasonic HMC, Canon, and Panasonic HPX models, as well as Panasonic GH4, GH5, and Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras. We also use Blackmagic 4K pocket cinema cameras. Blackmagic Studio and Studio Micro-cameras are available on the sound stage.

Prime and zoom lens kits have been assembled to allow each class of camera added variability and we are equipped with robotic PTZ cameras and sliders (65mm, 75mm, and 100mm tripods) a Steadicam, car rigs, and a collection of rigging tools for custom mounting to meet any possible need.


An entire production and post-production studio is available, in order to professionally provide everything you need: executive offices, small medium and big soundstages, recreation areas, editing stations, ADR studios, rehearsal theaters, indoor stadium.


A whole former University village is available for those who need a real, entire small city for their filming needs: buildings, houses, power plants, libraries, theaters and... a scary, mysterious wood!
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