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About Astarox

a viable alternative to Hollywood in Iowa

It’s no secret that the world is dramatically reshaping itself and the recent global events just blatantly showed once and for all how the world is a smaller place than what we thought.


Settled in the heart of the USA that better represents the truest land of opportunities, a new film production company is born, raised from the strong foundation of a former, successful European production house that carries the same name.


Astarox Productions is based in Oskaloosa (Iowa) at the Communication Research Institute (CRI) of William Penn University: a truly advanced technological gem where a selected group of free-spirited creative potentials meets with state-of-the-art equipment that allows the entire passionate staff to unleash an endless imagination.


After Hollywood – the self-proclaimed world capital of the entertainment business – has been heavily ruling the movie and the TV business for several decades, now it’s clear how numbers of new production hubs around the globe are proudly rising, imposing themselves as an innovative, fresh and intriguing alternative to the old, rotten and overpriced system.


Based on those important ethical, financial and artistic premises Astarox Productions – together with the precious partnership of William Penn University and the State of Iowa – has started a competitive, smart and revolutionary filming policy based on attractive incentives, easy-to-obtain film permits, thorough location scouting, rich production directory and a dedicated professional film and artistic community.


Astarox Productions headquarter is located at the Musco Technology Center, in the offices of the CRI at William Penn University: the company provides a wide range of film & TV services spanning from camera and sound stage rental to live-recording systems, from location scouting to pre-production and budgeting, from creative writing to editing and full post-production facilities.


Feature films, TV shows, documentaries, corporate videos, cultural events, commercials and music videos: all of those and many other types of video productions (including viral campaigns and web series) are the core of Astarox Productions’ expertise! With its twenty years of experience the team has been able to achieve international recognizement and the unconditional trust of companies such as Sony Pictures, L’Oreal, Madina, RAI Radiotelevisione, SKY, Mediaset, Milwaukee Tools, Roche, Aimpes/Mipel, Fiorucci, GeFi, Roberta di Camerino, FieraMilano and many others.


Far away from the crowded, impersonal and overpriced Hollywood realm, a new place is available for all the smart and intelligent producers who are willing to maintain their high-quality standards while working in a safer, more empathic and less expansive environment.


With its a humid continental climate Iowa’s average annual temperature is 50 °F (10 °C) and the landscape offers lakes, hills, immense fields together with the modern vibe of big cities like Des Moines.


Iowa derives its name from the Ioway people, a Native American ancient population. Railroads, farms, coal mines, ancient Native American settlements, Dutch and European like towns, large rivers and factories: Astarox Productions will help you find your ideal film set in Iowa thanks to its passionate and amazing staff.

the fabulous team

For the last 20 years ASTAROX PRODUCTIONS has been the professional film, TV and video production primary reference for companies such as L'Oréal, Sony, Mediaset, SKY, RAI Radiotelevisone, Brevivet, Amipes/Mipel, FieraMilano, Roche Pharmaceutical, Milwaukee Tools, REC Music Productions and many many others...
After their first 10 years in Italy (2000-2010) the founders of Astarox moved to Hollywood, where they produced for another 10 years (2011-2020) both US and European film contents.
On November 2020 the company moved to Iowa, with the challenging and exciting purpose of creating a whole new Film Production hub!
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The Founders











Max Leonida

Founder | Filmmaker

An internationally successful filmmaker with an impressive track record working in the movie industry and participation to several worldwide renown film festivals.


Paola Cipollina

Founder | Producer

A successful manager with a unique experience and knowledge of leadership: her undeniable skills embrace every production field including finance and budgeting.

The Crew

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